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Mind/brain-human evoluciton-society-health-ICTs

News about human evolution, mind and brain, society, global health and ICTs, from the written newspaper in pdf format and organized according to fields of study. Its aim is to help in the search of news that can illustrate the contents of the different subjects in Secondary Education and the main issues affecting contemporary societies. Since it is not easy to set contents and categories, all three and their subdivisions may be explored.


noticias noticias sobre evolución humana

News about human evolution, mind and brain

Ill treatment-discrimination-inmigration
Racism and xenofobiaInmigration and refugeesMachismHomosexualityIll Treatment - Hate crimeIll treatment of animals
Youth problems-education
BullyngAdditions and eating disordersEducationBehaviourViolence
Go to sciences-techno-nature-ecology-human biology
Go to bioethics-human activity and their effects

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